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Foundational Management Skills (Online- AEST)

Virtual Training Program

The role of a manager has changed significantly from past to present and has moved from one of command and control over others to one of generating team engagement and inclusiveness.

Modern day managers are also required to inspire and motivate their workforce and lead with purpose and vision. Furthermore, effective managers solve difficult problems, turn organisations around and achieve astonishing performance.

To be successful, every organisation needs great managers, therefore introducing our Foundational Management Skills online program.

Course Outcomes for Foundational Management

  • Identify your own management style and how to best work with it.
  • Meet the requirements of your role through goals, strategies, objectives and KPIs.
  • Motivate your team to generate and inspire higher levels of output.
  • Create employee engagement.

Furthermore in this Training

  • Learn to delegate work and focus on more important aspects of your role.
  • Deliver feedback in an effective manner that helps to increase performance.
  • Facilitate engaging one-on-one meetings that inspire results.
  • Motivate and monitor your staff.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to management
  • Assessing your management style
  • Setting goals and objectives for peak performance
  • Priortising tasks to enhance time management and efficiency
  • Creating a motivational climate
  • Delegating with skill
  • Giving feedback

Virtual Training Framework

All Aptitude courses are conducted through our Program Framework consisting of:

  • Booking consultation
  • Trainer led skills gap analysis
  • Tailored participant training plan
  • Post workshop coaching

Further Details

This managerial workshop has been designed to provide attendees with the ultimate tool kit to better motivate and empower their workforce. Workbooks, assessment forms and future planning tools included.


“What a great first session. A really well organised and functional session. All topics resonated with me and will be transitioned into my daily structure as a leader. Jared was great and highly recommended.”

-Manager Leisure Facilities, City of Melbourne

Please note: Aptitude Management uses the Zoom platform to run our virtual training. If using a work device, please ensure Zoom is not blocked via a security firewall.

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Aug 11 2022




9:00 AM - 1:00 PM



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