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Developing Leader Workshop (Online- AEST)

Virtual Delivery

This online Developing Leader Workshop is designed to be delivered in small groups or individually (1-on-1).

Congratulations on the transition into your new role as a leader. This training presented by Aptitude Management is designed to assist new managers in building the essential qualities for leading others.

Gain all the necessary foundations to thrive within your role.

It has been stated multiple times that ongoing leadership development is a prerequisite for becoming an outstanding manager- and your efforts begin here.

Course Overview

By learning and mastering the material in this workshop, one can begin to discover their true potential in working within their role as a new leader. This program is focused on helping participants learn the skills that are critical to leadership success.

This is true leadership development, and your foundational training begins here.

DISC Behaviour assesment

Please note: This course also includes DISC® Profiling which assesses individuals on four behaviour styles that include either dominance, influence, steadiness or conscientiousness. This predicts how the individual is most likely to act/react to certain situations.

During this Program

  • Learn about the different functions of leadership versus management.
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a true leader.
  • Uncover your preferred leadership style.
  • Discover various leadership behaviours and when to use them.

Further Advantages of Taking this Training

  • Apply a formal situational leadership approach to a variety of work scenarios.
  • Learn the critical success factors of a modern day leader.
  • Communicate in a way that empowers your team.
  • Identify what employees want from their leader.

Topics Covered

  • Establishing your role as a workplace leader
  • Identify your leadership style
  • DiSC® Profiling
  • Leaderships theories and models
  • Balance team, task and individual functions
  • Role modeling for stronger leadership

Also covered

  • Motivational factors and empowering employees for higher performance
  • Demonstrating appreciation for team members to further enhance staff engagement and loyalty
  • Understanding leadership power (Telescope Effect)
  • Maximising your frequency and quality of communication
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Understanding and dealing with conflict

Workshop Program Framework

All Aptitude courses are conducted through our Program Framework consisting of:

  • Workshop booking consultation
  • Trainer led skills gap analysis
  • Tailored participant training plan
  • Post workshop coaching

Further Details

This management course is a great way for emerging leaders and/ or frontline managers to hone in on those skills needed for a long-term and successful career.

Experiential Learning

More than simple theory, this 2 day virtual training includes, attendee role plays, facilitated group discussions and continuous feedback and guidance.

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Please note: Aptitude Management uses the Zoom platform to run our virtual training. If using a work device, please ensure Zoom is not blocked via a security firewall.

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Sep 05 - 06 2022




9:00 AM - 3:00 PM



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