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Coaching Sessions

Post workshop coaching is a key element of our programs that ensure a higher retention of course material and long-term managerial improvement.

Aptitude Training Packages Include a Post Workshop Coaching Plan.

The key to retention and results

Coaching sessions are included with each workshop package and make up an integral part of our training system. Post workshop coaching further encourages attendees to take an active role in assimilating skills gained from attending their course.

Coaching also provides the opportunity for accountability and empowerment in making desirable behavioral changes. Coaching sessions involve:

  • Developing an effective action plan for utilising workshop content
  • Goal setting activities for generating higher managerial results
  • A system of strong feedback and behavioral reinforcement.

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Feedback and reflection

  • Coaching provides an opportunity for gaining feedback on work performance.
  • Coaching will challenge any self-imposed limitations held by the course attendee in assimilating the new material.
  • Coaching aids in improving attendee thinking and creativity.

Accountability and Support

  • Accountability for task completion and enhanced motivation in keeping on track to achieve set targets and milestones.
  • Improve output by sticking with tasks and powering through to completion.

Personal Empowerement

  • Break through limiting ideas and beliefs.
  • Improved self-confidence.
  • Stronger aptitude for achieving goals.

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