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Corporate Training Solutions for Managers

Onsite Training

Have our trainer come to you for your next workplace learning event. Hold a live training session onsite.

Your trainer onsite

At Aptitude Management, we pride ourselves on providing responsive and need-based training designed for managers.

Our programs include a wide range of topics, for helping key leaders within your organisation set realistic and measurable goals, give timely and constructive feedback, communicate effectively, facilitate meetings, coach employees, and enhance the overall performance of their teams.

We offer several key advantages for driving long-term and sustainable outcomes.

Looking to run training sessions for the team? Have a course held directly at your premises.

Why Onsite Training with Aptitude Management?

Need a Bespoke Solution?

In regards to onsite training, your organisation may require a more customised approach. Aptitude Management has you covered. We can modify an existing program or completely design one from scratch. To find out more, check out in-house customised solutions.

Key Advantages of our training system

Aptitude training packages also include post workshop coaching.

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Training System

Our training system combines a set series of coaching sessions which are conducted post workshop.

Higher Retention Rate

Coaching encourages attendees to take action and assimilate new information gained from attending their managerial course.

Enhanced Results

Coaching provides the opportunity for attendees to be held accountable for making behavioral changes leading to significant work improvements.

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Written Feedback

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