The Art of Delegation Workshop

As a manager, knowing how to delegate tasks effectively is one of the most important skills to possess. There are many reasons why managers must practice delegation, yet many don’t, for fear of reprisal or a simple lack of know how.

In this training, you will move past resistance and master the strategies of delegation that will lead to higher team output and results.

Duration: 1 day workshop


Course Overview

The Art of Delegation workshop presented by Aptitude Management promises to provide managers with all the skills needed to effectively delegate work.

Used skillfully, a delegation strategy will enable employees to contribute significantly towards the achievement of organisational goals.

Course Outcomes – Delegation

  • Learn about the importance of delegation and why it must be used by all leaders to better manage others.
  • Utilise various and effective ways to delegate tasks that better empower employees.
  • Learn a precise step-by-step process to use when delegating work.
  • Identify and avoid common pitfalls of delegation that can reduce overall productivity.

Further Reasons to Attend this Delegation Training Course

  • Learn how to better monitor those delegation tasks given to your team.
  • Use powerful techniques for providing feedback on task performance.
  • Learn how to effectively manage each delegation meeting.

Workshop Program Framework

All Aptitude courses are conducted through our Program Framework consisting of:

  • Workshop booking consultation
  • Trainer led skills gap analysis
  • Tailored participant training plan
  • Post workshop coaching

Further Details

Enhance the volume of your workload by delegating tasks to your direct reports in a skillful manner. This course will cover the full delegation process that will ultimately lead to higher managerial results.

All our training programs include a detailed learner guide, refreshments provided throughout the day and a sit down lunch.

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Venue Details

Address: Level 1, 111Harrington Street, The Rocks NSW 2000

5 star attendee feedback
Our trainer was a knowledgeable and skilled presenter who brought each person’s story to the table which allowed us to further learn from each other.
- Head of Lending & Operations
I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and the way it was presented it. I feel I will be able to make immediate improvements and look forward to implementing them.
- Production Manager
Out trainer was a pleasure to have facilitate the course and managed our diverse group extremely well. Would highly recommend.
- NSW State Coordinator

Aptitude Management Satisfaction Policy

If you attend a workshop and are unhappy with the course, simply inform us, and we will refund your fee in full Policy Conditions