Training Packages & Programs

Full immersion within a specific area of management. Training packages for clients intending to take multiple courses.

At Aptitude Management we see ourselves as a learning partner working closely by your side. Many of our clients require more in-depth learning and intend to take multiple courses. Our training packages & programs are designed to accommodate you.

To further complement your development, all course packages include powerful personality & behavioural assessments consisting of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and DISC Profiling. Multiple coaching sessions are also included and will be held post workshop. See our package series below:

Your training package includes multiple course offerings, personality & assessment profiling and post workshop coaching.

Due to high COVID-19 case numbers, our public course schedule is temporarily suspended. We are currently holding virtual courses and in-house programs only. Public course schedule bookings will be placed onto a waitlist until further notice. Please call 1800 753 087.

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