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Emotional Assertiveness Program

Having high levels of emotional intelligence is a defining asset of modern workplace leaders.

The Emotional Assertiveness Model® developed by John Parr MSc provides a clear guide for building emotional intelligence.

The John Parr Model

Through tireless research by UK based John Parr this program was designed to help participants better understand emotions and express them in a positive way.

The Emotional Assertiveness Model is a roadmap for enhancing self-awareness, improving people skills, identifying weaknesses in one’s communication and developing a stronger ability to build and maintain relationships.

Much has been theorised about emotional intelligence and its potential, however, little explained about how one actually becomes more emotionally intelligent.

This program is designed to build participant knowledge and skill for emotional empowerment. The training focuses on human behaviour in the context of self and others for improving confidence.

As a leader, one of your greatest assets are the relationships you build. This program will instruct you on healthy emotional expressiveness and how to eliminate behaviours that weaken connections with others.

Course Outcomes

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Virtual Delivery: The Emotional Assertiveness ® online program consists of 4 x 2.5 hour sessions. Upon booking our team will make contact to arrange a suitable start date and schedule.

Optional In-house face-to-face  delivery: A multi-day tailored training program can also be facilitated on your premises.

Curriculum is equivalent to a one day version plus support.


Your Best Self

Discover the healthy side of emotional assertiveness and extinguish those behaviours that lead to insecurity and personal conflict, and work towards becoming the leader you are destined to be. Get started today >

This Program Includes:

  • Instruction on building emotional intelligence from a certified practitioner
  • Detailed workbooks 
  • Follow up support emails
  • Post-program check-in

Program Delivery

  • 4 x 2.5 hour sessions
  • Small groups
  • Online (optional face-to-face program)

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Call now: 1800 753 087

Program feedback
Every day my stress levels decrease and the more I practice being in touch with and expressing my emotions authentically, this experience grows.
I especially notice that my levels of fear and anger related to both situations and people now last for only seconds rather than becoming debilitating.
I experience increased acceptance from others and conflict has become something I manage in a relaxed way, even if a dispute is about an important issue.
Thank you for developing and sharing this amazing model.
Client of John Parr,
Developer of Emotional Assertiveness ®

Written Feedback

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