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Habits Coaching 3 week Program

Change requires the creation of positive and sustainable habits.

This groundbreaking habits method is easy to implement and can be put to immediate use.

Habits Coaching

Habits coaching has been successfully used in a range of companies including Meta and Google to improve the conduct and effectiveness of their teams. This coaching is immediately actionable and measurable.

Sustainable change is not easy and many fail. One can learn and apply new behaviours with quality training and instruction, however practicing these behaviours long-term is the true measure of success. Now there is support through coaching.

If you are looking to practice better daily habits and become more professional, self-reliant and productive, this program is for you. Habits coaching is the gap filler between current knowledge and future action.

Course Outcomes

Coaching Schedule

Upon booking a team member will make contact to arrange a suitable schedule.

Your Best Self

Discover new habits and eliminate routines that lead to an unproductive existence. Get started today >

This Program Includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to build sustainable habits
  • Follow up support
  • Mechanisms to measure your progress

Program Delivery

  • 45 minute introductory session
  • 4 x 30 minute progress sessions
  • Daily check-ins and reminders
  • Online/phone support

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Coaching feedback
Steven is a detail focused, greater picture person who strives to reach his goals through absolute passion, motivation and clear communications. Total professional, through and through.

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