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Aptitude Management VS Generic Training Providers

Professional development is a hot topic and investing in workplace training should be a well thought out process. The training industry is no different to any other. There are quality offerings worth serious consideration while others should be ignored.

The problem is, where does one begin in finding a suitable course provider to fulfill their needs?

Conduct a brief Google search and you will find all sorts of courses covering a range of topics, from leadership and management, to communication, conflict resolution, coaching and more.

Unfortunately, without a solid recommendation on which training provider to choose, it’s hard to know where to begin. However, there are specific points of difference between providers that are worth noting.

Below we outline what makes Aptitude Management different.

Why Consider us for Workplace Training?

As a potential course attendee you are experiencing a range of role-specific-challenges that are common to those who work in middle management. Furthermore, you have individual challenges that are unique to your personality type and leadership/management style.

Nothing short of a tailor-made approach would be sufficient. A dynamic course provider will address your training needs with dynamic content and a proven system of learning strategies.

Discover our solution focused approach that can be immediately applied post workshop.

Aptitude Management

Generic Training Provider

Workshops built specifically for middle managers.

Benefit: Role specific challenges are understood, and time-tested solutions provided.

Broad offering that caters for attendees holding various work positions.

Booking consultation to ensure appropriate training solution for current workplace challenges.

Benefit: Time and money invested into the correct training solution.

Little to low screening process ensuring adequate market fit.

Skills gap discussion conducted individually prior to training.

Benefit: Further uncover specific (unique) challenges that can then be addressed with tailored solutions.

Uncommon process with little contact made with attendees before the course.

Workable training plan provided to each course participant.

Benefit: Again, unique challenges are uncovered and then formally addressed with solutions that enhance self-confidence and address skills gaps.

A formalised training plan is rarely supplied by generic training providers.

Post workshop coaching sessions are included with each training solution.

Benefit: Provides support to effectively apply the training plan while ensuring a higher retention of course materials for long-term managerial improvement.

Coaching is rarely included in the formal structure of workplace training.


Aptitude Management provides courses that are specifically designed for middle managers. Our booking consultation ensures appropriate course selection, our skills gap assessment is undertaken prior to training, followed by provision of a workable training plan, complemented by post workshop coaching.

In choosing a training provider, consider the above points of difference.

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