Inhouse Management Programs

Inhouse training combines a detailed overview of organisational needs with our solution focused approach.

The Aptitude Management Point of Difference

How it Works

Firstly, an in-depth meeting will be conducted to uncover genuine skill gaps. The aim is to determine strategies for providing effective training solutions.

At this stage, a detailed training plan will be provided that will include costings, time-frames, and strategies to gauge and monitor outcomes.

Training material is then prepared by our team prior to the proposed delivery schedule. Written materials include a participant manual, a trainer manual (for future client use),
Powerpoint slides (deck), quick reference guides and a post training coaching plan.

Course content is then delivered to the team and facilitated by an Aptitude professional trainer. This stage of the process also includes scheduled post workshop coaching sessions.

Finally, a post program meeting is conducted to gauge the overall success of the program and determine how well training objectives were met.

Custom Made Training

Inhouse programs consist of tailor made training packages customised for your organisation.

Aptitude Management trainers exhibit diverse expertise and strong skill sets in working with a full range of managers in various industries.

Your custom made training program begins with a brief conversation with an Aptitude representative.

All Aptitude training packages include post workshop coaching.

Training System

Our training system combines a set series of coaching sessions which are conducted post workshop.

Higher Retention Rate

Coaching encourages attendees to take action and assimilate new information gained from attending their managerial course.

Enhanced Results

Coaching provides the opportunity for attendees to be held accountable for making behavioral changes leading to significant work improvements.

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