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Corporate Training Solutions for Managers

Why Choose Us?

Corporate training must be tailored towards the learners specific needs and provide a proven solution focused approach.

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The Aptitude Management Point of Difference

Solution Focused Training Designed to Promote Learning Transfer

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*Targeted Training*

Instead of delivering generic training, our courses are targeted at professionals who hold positions within management. New to the role and/ or a seasoned veteran in need of enhancing your skill sets, we’ve got you covered.

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*Vast Experience*

By focusing on leaders and continuously refining our material, the team at Aptitude Management have vast experience in addressing the challenges commonly faced by managers.

*Program Framework*

To support learning transfer providing long-term value to learners, each training engagement is conducted through our Program Framework (as outlined below).

Program Framework


Workshop Booking Consultation

A brief consultation with a representative to ensure suitability of chosen course to provide appropriate training solutions to current managerial challenges.


Trainer Led Skills Gap Discussion

Upon determination of market fit, a skills gap discussion will be conducted with the allocated trainer to further uncover areas of need for providing effective solutions. 


Participant Training Plan

A training plan will be created (on the day)  incorporating clear goals and measurable outcomes.


Post Workshop Coaching

Post workshop coaching sessions will be provided to enhance retention of materials and encourage positive behavioral change.

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Discover how we can help you on your managerial journey.